Two Sparrows Foundation

Educating and Training Afghan Street Children and Orphans  

- There are conservatively over 35,000 street children who beg or sell small items every day on the streets of Kabul Afghanistan

-These kids do not attend most or any of the required education and vocational training intended for Afghanistan children.

-These children face many risks every day.

-The fact that they are out working the streets every day is a shame in the Afghan culture.

-The goal of Two Sparrows Foundation is to raise funds to allow for the improvement of Kabul's factories and develop market opportunities to employ street children's parents or relatives.

-Employment of Kabul's child street beggars and street business children's fathers and older brothers will allow the kids to be enrolled or returned to accelerated schooling and vocational training.

-Your donated time or funds will be greatly appreciated.

This can start by e-mailing Neil at Two Sparrows Foundation (a US Charity) at


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